An affiliated club of the PT Owners Club, Inc.

Welcome...The New Jersey Cruisers are a group of Chrysler PT Cruiser aficionados who live in the Garden State that frequently get together and participate in events, make new friends, visit with old ones and generally have a blast. We hope that you'll come in, look around a bit and plan to join us in our adventures.

We are an affiliated club of the PT Owners Club, Inc., an organization with members throughout the U.S. and around the globe. This partnering allows us to provide the most "bang for the buck" for our members, or should we say, our friends. Your support of that organization helps us put together better events for everyone.

Ray "NJCRUZR" Thierrin


Greg "GROUCH" Gavencky


Gene "KIXON66" Dodelin

E-mail KIXON66

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Web site last updated 03/25/2002

PTers have come by for a visit since 3/15/2002!

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